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Booking online for the first time?  

Be sure to create your account before you choose your services.  This helps you to keep track of your upcoming and previous appointments, as well as gift certificate and series balances at a glance.  

Our system will hold your appointment selection for 10 minutes as you complete the process. (That way no one else can snag your time selection if you get interrupted!) 

Please read the info below before booking your appointment to assure that you don't have any of the following contraindications:


  1. Waxing and exfoliation services are not recomended for guests who are using antibiotics, retin-a, accutane, avage, tazorac, differin, have had recent lazer or plastic surgery or are sunburned. 
  2. Antibiotics users-  Please schedule ALL services a FULL 7 days after the date of your last dose.
  3. Retinol users- Please discontinue use of your product for 3-5 days prior to your waxing service.
  4. If you are booking a brow waxing service, you have the option of booking a tweezing appointment if you prefer not to discontinue the use of these products.
  5. Pregnant women may experince more discomfort during waxing services. 



Please call if you have any questions!




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Seattle WA 98107