We ❤️ Power Pairs!

It's official, 2015 is here!  We've all gotten through the month of January with our New Year's resolutions going strong, right? If the answer is yes, then you are my hero.  (If not, I feel your pain.)

Sometimes we need a little boost to make our goals a teeny bit more attainable.  My goals this year are to run my first marathon (September!) and to amplify my skin routine to start targeting those pesky fine lines I'm seeing. (I turned 40 last year, it's a whole new ballgame for my skin.)

This month we're focusing on what I like to call Power Pairs. Two separate products that work very effectively on their own, but when paired together can make some seriously amazing changes happen. 

This first week we'll start with my absolute favorite pairing - 

MAP-15 Regenerator + Age Reversal Eye Complex.

MAP-15 Regenerator is a highly-active, powder-to-emulsion Vitamin C concentrate that minimizes multiple signs of aging. It delivers the highest concentration of Magnesium Ascorbic Phosphate (MAP) to improve skin firmness and clarity. It also contains White Tea, Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine, Phospholipids, Algae and Yeast Extracts to help stimulate collagen production, brighten skin tone, and neutralize free radicals. It dramatically increases hydration, firmness and elasticity, all while preventing further damage. Whew!  This stuff works hard! 

Age Reversal Eye Complex* is retinol, peptide and Vitamin C based. (That's right, retinol!) This is like magic in a tube, helping to refine and smooth the texture of the skin around the eyes. 

Mix the two together and you've got a powerful anti-aging cocktail for the skin around the eyes, promoting healthy, hydrated, smoother skin.  

Come in for any skin treatment** this month, or purchase any Dermalogica product of $30 or more and receive a sample of each of these two products to try at home. If you love them, bring them back in and receive 10% off the full sizes! 

*for use at night ONLY.

**except the Bio-Active Peel. The post-peel kit contains the ONLY products that can be used for 2 weeks after this treatment.

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